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Doing The Right Thing

Client Results: We have a solid reputation for delivering proven results. We place heavy emphasis on executing strategic decisions tailored to our clients’ own reality. We engage all levels of an individual/organization from the initial point of contact, building vitality and aptitudes to sustain success.

Amazing Work

I was working at a job that I hated. Getting up for work was a challenge every morning. My weekends were not even pleasant because I knew I would be back at a job that made me hate working. I applied to many jobs and I was not getting any responses. I rewrote my resume hoping that it would be the spark I needed but I was still getting the same results. To say I was depressed would be an understatement. So I reach out to some friends of mine and ask if anyone knew someone that did could help me with my resume. Everyone gave me the same name, Carlotta Pitts. Now I had other people work on my resume, so I was not expecting it to look any different. Ms. Pitts work was amazing. It made my resume look like a 5th grader wrote it. As soon as I started using Carlotta updated resumes, the calls started coming in. Jobs that I applied to months ago and got rejection emails wanted to speak to me. It was a great feeling. I am happy to say that I now have a new job at a company I love. I am very happy on the path my life is on and I owe it to the marvelous work of Carlotta Pitts.

-B. Adams 

Quality Work & Fast Results

I approached 180 Degrees Career Solutions because I heard great recommendations of services that was provided. 180 Degrees Career Solutions helped me by giving me the perfect resume to get a job that really didn't have much experience in doing. The results I received came back immediately. Employers was very impressed about the professionalism of my resume that I was getting job offers on the spot. One thing I like was I told her what job I was trying to get and she catered my resume to that job description. I would recommend 180 Degrees Career Solutions to anyone who want quality service and fast results.

-R. Singleterry

Exceed Expectations

I was struggling with getting interviews. My resume was in dire need of revamping. I had not been on an interview in 12 years. I sent my resume to two companies with no response. I noticed a month later that the same two companies had posted for the same job I had applied to the month before. I went to Carlotta Pitts for help with my resume. She offered fast service and went above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. I re-applied for the positions, and received calls within a day of applying. I made it to second round interviews with  both companies.  Had it not been for 180 degrees I would not have even made it through to  even get the interview. Thank you.

-E. Aiken-Mcallister

Consistent & Prompt Service

180 Degrees Careers Solutions performed a great job on my resume. Ms. Pitts was very consistent and prompted with executing the task I asked of her. I was very pleased with the outcome of the finished product. 180 is a great way to go for reliable and friendly service.


-M. Gibbs 

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