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180 Degrees Career Solutions fosters a relationship-based consulting model that is consistent with a strategic progression of consultant activities and deliverables. Notable distinctions are apparent in each level of collaboration between client and consultant on the activities and interaction. Below is a description of the workflow clients can expect during the consultation process with a consultant at 180 Degrees Career Solutions:

Entry & Contracting Phase: The entry phase initiates the client/consultant relationship; our consultants ask probing and open-ended questions to gain a solid understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. Contracting continues the process of understanding the mutual expectations/goals of the consultation efforts.

Discovery & Dialogue Phase: Utilizing the pertinent information obtained from the entry & contracting phase; the discovery & dialogue phase is a structured approach to gain additional in-depth information from the client through executing a variety of methods. 180 Degrees Career Solutions understand the importance of productive, Corporate Outplacement, collaborative and creative dialogue between the consultant and client to ensure optimal results.

Analysis & Solution Phase: Throughout this stage, a “situation analysis” will be conducted amongst both our internal/external team to accurately identify SWOT analysis which includes researched trends and forecasts that can be used to place our client in a competitive position.

Recommendation Phase: During this phase, our consultants begin the “real work”.  Content strategy is utilized which involves the collaboration amongst internal and external teams to ensure all potential risks are mitigated, process re-engineering to ensure that the client’s needs and concerns are addressed and executed, and technology platform recommendations when applicable.

Implementation Phase: During the implementation phase, our consultants will execute the deliverables as agreed upon in the contract terms & conditions. It is imperative to note that the success of the implementation phase rests upon a cohesive, meaningful, and comprehensive share of ideas amongst our consultants and clients. Our sincere goal is to exceed the expectations of each client one assignment at a time.

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