Our mission is simple.

Our mission is simple. We diligently strive to unlock pure genius and raw talent while having the courage to execute tactical plans. We collaborate with our clients to construct the skills that allow small businesses and career professionals to leverage resources, drive results and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. We deliver value to every client experience by becoming partners on each project. We are achieving goals and exceeding expectations. Together.

Tailored solutions that deliver results and achieve sustainable growth.

We add value in the following

  • Financial
  • Strategic
  • Operational
  • Organizational


180 Degrees Career Solutions is a global consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA that serves emerging small businesses and corporate professionals. We play an active role in assisting our clients in making long-term enlargements to their respective portfolios while realizing their career / business objectives. We have successfully built a firm distinctively equipped to answer the needs of our clients and anticipate industry trends.

Our consulting services place heavy focus on our clients’ most challenging issues and opportunities: sustainability, strategy, marketing, organization and operations across all industries. We offer high-impact executive marketing documents with key branding statements for our clients in the form of business / marketing plans, social media marketing, corporate branding, resumes, LinkedIn profiles and interview coaching. Additionally, we offer quick financing options for small businesses.



180 Degrees Career Solutions partners with small businesses to strategically construct growth strategies and design / implement differentiated portfolios in the form of business / marketing plans. We possess an unparalleled understanding of the emerging and evolving market structures, economics and strategic and regulatory trends across all verticals of the business sector. Our solid industry expertise accompanied with our specialized skills in the areas of branding, social media marketing and pricing solidifies 180 Degrees Career Solutions as a leader in serving the needs of small businesses.


Five Phases of the 180 Degrees Career Solutions Consulting Process

180 Degrees Career Solutions fosters a relationship-based consulting model that is consistent to a strategic progression of consultant activities and deliverables. Notable distinctions are apparent in each level of collaboration between client and consultant in the activities and interaction. Below is a description of the workflow clients can expect during the consultation process with a consultant at 180 Degrees Career Solutions:

1. Entry & Contracting Phase:

The entry phase initiates the client / consultant relationship; our consultants ask probing and open-ended questions to gain a solid understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. Contracting continues the process of understanding the mutual expectations / goals of the consultation efforts.

Discovery & Dialogue Phase:

Utilizing the pertinent information obtained from the entry & contracting phase; the discovery & dialogue phase is a structured approach to gain additional in-depth information from the client through executing a variety of approaches. 180 Degrees Career Solutions understand the importance of effective, collaborative and creative dialogue between the consultant and client to ensure optimal results.

Analysis & Solution Phase:

Throughout this stage, a “situation analysis” will be conducted amongst both our internal / external team to properly identify SWOT analysis, which includes researched trends and forecasts that can be used to place our client in a competitive position.

Recommendation Phase:

During this phase, our consultants begin the “real work”. Content strategy is utilized which involves the collaboration amongst internal and external teams to ensure all potential risks are mitigated, process re-engineering to ensure that the client’s needs and concerns are addressed and executed, and technology platform recommendations when applicable.

Implementation Phase:

During the implementation phase, our consultants will execute the deliverables as agreed upon in the contract terms & conditions. It is imperative to note that the success of the implementation phase rest upon a cohesive, meaningful, and comprehensive share of ideas amongst our consultants and clients. Our sincere goal is to exceed the expectations of each client one assignment at a time.

Please note the three revisions are given free of charge and no refunds will be issued for services rendered.


  • I was working at a job that I hated. Getting up for work was a challenge every morning. My weekends were not even pleasant because I knew I would be back at a job that made me hate working. I applied to many jobs and I was not getting any responses. I rewrote my resume hoping that it would be the spark I needed but I was still getting the same results. To say I was depressed would be an understatement. So I reach out to some friends of mine and ask if anyone knew someone that did could help me with my resume. Everyone gave me the same name, Carlotta Pitts. Now I had other people work on my resume, so I was not expecting it to look any different. Ms. Pitts work was amazing. It made my resume look like a 5th grader wrote it. As soon as I started using Carlotta updated resumes, the calls started coming in. Jobs that I applied to months ago and got rejection emails wanted to speak to me. It was a great feeling. I am happy to say that I now have a new job at a company I love. I am very happy on the path my life is on and I owe it to the marvelous work of Carlotta Pitts.
    -B. Adams 
  • 180 Degrees Careers Solutions performed a great job on my resume. Ms. Pitts was very consistent and prompted with executing the task I asked of her. I was very pleased with the outcome of the finished product. 180 Degrees Career Solutions is a great way to go for reliable and friendly service.
    -M. Gibbs 
  • I approached 180 Degrees Career Solutions because I heard great recommendations of services that was provided. 180 Degrees Career Solutions helped me by giving me the perfect resume to get a job that really didn't have much experience in doing. The results I received came back immediately. Employers was very impressed about the professionalism of my resume that I was getting job offers on the spot. One thing I like was I told her what job I was trying to get and she catered my resume to that job description. I would recommend 180 Degrees Career Solutions to anyone who want quality service and fast results.
    -R. Singleterry
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